SEO PackagesStandardSilverGoldPlatinum
Keywords Plan153050100
Price Per MonthUSD 200USD 300USD 500USD 700
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*5102040
Initial Review & Analysis
In-Depth Site AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Duplicate Content CheckRightRightRightRight
Competition AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Keyword AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Baseline Ranking CheckRightRightRightRight
Keyword URL MappingRightRightRightRight
Broken Links CheckRightRightRightRight
Google Penalty CheckRightRightRightRight
Initial Rank ReportRightRightRightRight
On Page Optimization
Header Tags OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Internal Link Structuring & OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Existing Content OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Robots.Txt Creation/AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Xml Sitemap/AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)RightRightRightRight
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)RightRightRightRight
Page Speed Optimization AnalysisRightRightRightRight
Fresh Web Content SuggestionsRightRightRightRight
Google Analytics setup with conversion trackingRightRightRightRight
Title & Meta Tags OptimizationUpto 10 PagesUpto 20 PagesUpto 40 PagesUpto 60 Pages
Image & Hyperlink OptimizationWrongRightRightRight
Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)WrongRightRightRight
HTML Site Map CreationWrongRightRightRight
Website Page Load OptimizationWrongWrongRightRight
Optimization of robots.txt & Google Bot crawlsWrongWrongRightRight
Pagination Tags on SiteWrongWrongRightRight
Proper URL structure analysisWrongWrongRightRight
Resolve Webmaster Crawl ErrorsWrongWrongRightRight
No Follow on External LinksWrongWrongWrongRight
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendationsWrongWrongWrongRight
Footer OptimizationWrongWrongWrongRight
Website usability analysisWrongWrongWrongRight
Html Code Cleanup & OptimizationWrongWrongWrongRight
Check Header Status, Meta Robots, Google Cache of PagesWrongWrongWrongRight
Check Mobility IssuesWrongWrongWrongRight
Check AMP Pages IssuesWrongWrongWrongRight
URL Parameter HandlingWrongWrongWrongRight
Custom 404 PageWrongWrongWrongRight
Schema & Structured Data Mark Up
Logo OptimizationWrongWrongWrongRight
Schema on Contact AddressWrongWrongWrongRight
Schema on BreadcrumbWrongWrongWrongRight
Schema on Ratings/ Reviews (E Commerce)WrongWrongWrongRight
Schema on BlogWrongWrongWrongRight
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & VerificationRightRightRightRight
Local Business Directory/ Citations25710
Customer Reviews/Ratings SubmissionsWrong125
Contact Address in FooterWrongWrongRightRight
Google+ Site VerificationWrongWrongWrongRight
Google Embedded MapWrongWrongWrongWrong
Content Marketing (per month)
Blog Writing1123
Classified Writing1245
Article Writing1234
PDF CreationWrong111
Press Release WritingWrong1 in 6 Months2 in 6 Months3 in 6 Months
Infographic CreationWrongWrong1 in 6 Months2 in 6 Months
PPT CreationWrongWrong11
Guest Blog PostingWrongWrong11
Video CreationWrongWrong12
Premium PR DistributionWrongWrongWrongWrong
Off Page Optimization
Blog Submission1123
Article Submission1234
Blog Promotion551215
Company Profile Listing571015
Classified Submissions5102025
Article Promotion5101520
Social Bookmarking10152025
PDF/Doc SubmissionWrong5510
Video PromotionWrong5510
Image Submissions*WrongRightRightRight
Press Release PromotionWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month5 in respective Month
Press Release SubmissionWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month5 in respective Month
Infographic PromotionWrongWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month
Infographic DistributionWrongWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month
PPT PromotionWrongWrong55
PPT SubmissionWrongWrong55
Blog CommentingWrongWrong57
Video SubmissionWrongWrong510
Product Submissions*WrongWrongRightRight
Coupon DistributionWrongWrongWrongRight
Q & A Submissions*WrongWrongWrongRight
Forum PostingWrongWrongWrongWrong
Social Media Sharing (per month)
Micro BloggingRightRightRightRight
Google Plus Business Page Setup (One Time Activity if not existed)RightRightRightRight
Facebook & Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity)WrongRightRightRight
Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity)WrongWrongRightRight
Facebook Timeline Desing (One Time Activity)WrongWrongRightRight
Twitter UpdatesWrongWrongRightRight
Facebook Wall UpdatesWrongWrongWrongRight
Pinterest Account CreationWrongWrongWrongWrong
Follow PinboardsWrongWrongWrongWrong
Pin ImagesWrongWrongWrongWrong
Custom PinboardsWrongWrongWrongWrong
Pinterest OptimizationWrongWrongWrongWrong
Monthly Reporting
Search Engine Rank ReportRightRightRightRight
SEO Activity ReportsRightRightRightRight
Google Analytics ReportRightRightRightRight

Total Backlinks Per Month





Support Email, Ticket & Phone Support
Customer SupportRightRightRightRight
Email, Chat, PhoneRightRightRightRight