The process of product developement

System requirement
Firstly we ask for the requirement of the product, to know what exactly our client want to produce after that we create a software requirement specification, which is a document of the user's requirements. the SRS contains all the information about the product which will be producing.
System analysis
After taken all the requirement of the client we people process it by creating ER-diagram of the concept, this part is useful because in this part we actually understand the requirement of our client, which is necessary for our planning to develop the product
After understanding the product requirement we people develop the product according to user's requirement, in this phase we create a prototype, after that, we concern to our client if they agree on the product then we carry on, if any changes recommended, we change them. so that the product is ready and goes for testing.
System testing
After completing the developing phase the product comes in the system testing phase we test in the various hectic test, which ensures the user requirement and safety.
If the product passes the testing phase it comes in this phase in which we make the product live, wait Is we provide maintenance of the product, yes absolutely.